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Hardware Requirements

Minimum Requirements

CPU Memory Disk
Manager 1 512 MB 20 GB
Gateway 2 1 GB 20 GB
Storage 2 1 GB 100 GB

Hardware Recommendation

  1. Workload on Manager is low, it does not consume many resources
  2. Better CPU allows LeoGateway to process more operations (OPS, Operation Per Second)
  3. LeoGateway utilizes memory and disk as cache, adding those resources can reduce the workload to LeoStorage
  4. SSD on a LeoStoage node significantly improves small object read performance
  5. 10Gbps network is recommended

Reference Platform

Hardware Detail
CPU 16C32T (Intel E5-2630 v3)
Memory 32 GB
Network 10 GbE
Disk SSD (Crucial BX100)


Data Set Read Write Resource Usage
Image (32KB) 20,000 OPS 20,000 OPS High CPU Usage
Small Mixed (<2MB) 1,200 OPS 1,500 OPS High Disk I/O