LeoFS GatewayΒΆ

LeoFS Gateway consists of the fast HTTP-Server - Cowboy, the API handler and the cache mecanism. It provides the REST-API and Amazon S3-API. You’re able to easily access LeoFS with S3-Clients such as s3cmd, DragonDisk, program languages - Erlang, Java, Ruby, Python, Go and so on.


A client requests an object or a bucket operation to LeoFS Gateway then LeoFS Gateway requests the message of operation to a storage-node.

A destination storage node is decided by the routing-table. It is called RING which is generated and provided at LeoFS Manager and which is based on consistent-hashing.

Also, LeoFS Gateway provides built-in support for the object-cache mechanism in order to realize Keeping high performance and reduction of traffic between LeoFS Gateway and LeoFS Storage.