LeoFS is an Unstructured Object Storage for the Web and a highly available, distributed, eventually consistent storage system.


Multi Protocol - Rest, S3-API and NFS

Small & Large Object Support

Built-in the Cache Mechanism

Multi Data Center Replication

Autonomic operation w/Watchdog

LeoFS v1.2

Auto-compaction and Watchdog


LeoFS v1.1

NFS Support - Aim to centralize huge amount data in LeoFS

LeoFS v1.0

Multi Data Center Replication

This presentation was given at Rakuten Technology Conference in Tokyo on Oct 2014

What's New

Latest Presentation

The presentation, Accelerating Big Data with LeoFS x Astra was given at Rakuten Technology Conference 2015 in Tokyo on Nov 21, 2015

Yosuke Hara who is a chief architect for LeoFS & Astra, gave the overview about software utilizing Cloud Computing and Big Data. We aim to deliver products to store, analyze and visualize BigData more effectively and more quickly. There are 2 products.

LeoFS which is a distributed object storage to store tremendous amount of unstructured data securely and efficiently.

Astra which is a distributed database for a real-time analysis.It will provide;

  • Transaction Management (Serializable Snapshot Isolation, Snapshot Isolation)
  • Data Access with SQL(ODBC/JDBC)
  • Interaction with libraries of statistics and machine learning
  • UDF(User Defined Function and User Defined Aggregate Function)
It'll be released at the summer of 2016.

LeoFS v1.4

Released LeoFS v1.4.0-pre.3 on Dec 25, 2015

Status: Beta

New features:

AWS-Signature v4 Support
The erasure code
  • The erasure coding support requires only half the space of triple-replication. You can reduce disk usage with it.

LeoFS v1.2

Released LeoFS v1.2.18 on January 7, 2016

Status: Stable

New features:

The watchdog
  • Target resources: [cpu, disk, cluster]
  • Status: Production
  • Requirements: CentOS-6.5 later and Ubuntu-14.04LTS later, FreeBSD and SmartOS
The atuto-compaction
  • The auto-compaction feature removes unused objects from object-container(s) of a Leo's storage-node automatically to reduce a disk capacity



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Built for and maintained by the community via GitHub. LeoFS's license is Apache V2.

We provide all LeoFS-related codes on GitHub, there are "no magic black boxes".


The documentation introduces LeoFS and continues to operational considerations and procedures, and administration

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