LeoFS is an Unstructured Object Storage for the Web and a highly available, distributed, eventually consistent storage system.


Multi Protocol - Rest, S3-API and NFS

Small & Large Object Support

Built-in the Cache Mechanism

Multi Data Center Replication


LeoFS v1.0

Multi Data Center Replication


LeoFS v1.1

NFS Support - Aim to centralize huge amount data in LeoFS

This presentation was given at Erlang User Conference 2014 in Stockholm on June 2014

What's New

We'll make a presentation about the next step LeoFS and introducing the NewDB project


  • LeoFS Overview
  • Demonstrate LeoFS for Users
  • Introducing Administration of LeoFS at Rakuten
  • The Next Step of LeoFS - LeoFS v2.0
  • Introducing the NewDB Project

New Features:

NFS Support (1st phase)

  • As the 1st phase of the NFS support, we have checked this mechanism with CentOS 6.5 and Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS but we're goinng to investigate other OS such as FreeBSD and SmartOS.




You should be able to find your operating system in the choices below.


Built for and maintained by the community via GitHub. LeoFS's license is Apache V2.

We provide all LeoFS-related codes on GitHub, there are "no magic black boxes".


The documentation introduces LeoFS and continues to operational considerations and procedures, and administration

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