LeoFS Users

We tracks people and use cases for LeoFS because we present our users to those who are considering using LeoFS. The LeoFS team may reach out periodically to check-in on how LeoFS is working in the field and update this list.

Rakuten, Inc. is a Japanese electronic commerce and Internet company based in Tokyo.

Use Cases:

  • Photo Storage For Content Delivery Services
  • Photo Storage For Machine Learning (incl. Deep Learning)
  • Backup Storage
  • Log Archive Storage

All Project FiFo Users

Project FiFo is an open source SmartOS cloud orchestration.

Use Cases:

  • VM Image Storage

Cezurity, developer of cloud antivirus solutions for users and business, targeted attacks detection solutions for business. Provider of official antivirus support for VKontakte, the most popular Russian social networking service.

Uses LeoFS for:

  • Storing malicious and benign samples (executable files and their parts, browser extensions and other kinds)
  • Analyzing various properties of these samples helps to classify new threats faster and with better precision.