Multi Data Center Replication

Apr 11, 2014

If you look at the big idea at LeoFS, what we're really focused on is High Scalability, High Availability and High Cost Performance Ratio because as you know, unstructured data have been exponentially increasing day by day, so we need to build Global Scale Storage System at low cost.

I've been considering how realize LeoFS's multi data center replication more simply without SPOF - Single Point Of Failure and degraded the performance.

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LeoFS Overview

Apr 16, 2013

We found storage problems in our company, A lot of services depended on Expensive Storages which is stored any unstructured data such as images, documents and so on.

We should resolve 3-problems:

  • LowROI - Low budget services cannot pay when using expensive storages.
  • Possibility of SPOF - Depending on the budget, It is difficult to build redundant-structure with expensive products.
  • Storage expansion is difficult during increasing data - It cannot easily add (expand) an “Expensive Storage”.


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