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What's New?

This page lists the new features and enhancements in the v1.3 series of LeoFS.

Release v1.3.3

Updated Contents of LeoFS Package for CentOS and Ubuntu

  • LeoFS package is generated by leofs_package which requires the system to run LeoFS as non-privileged user leofs.

Release v1.3.2

AWS SDK for Python, Boto3 support

  • According to a user's request, we have added Boto3 to LeoFS' client support.

Release v1.3.1

User-defined metadata support

In order to provide optional information as a key-value pair into a metadata when you send a PUT request to store an object, you're able to set use user-defined metadata of the object.

Release v1.3.0

AWS Signature v4 support

In order to cover latest AWS SDKs which includes Go, Java and others, we supported AWS Signature v4 with v1.3.0.